Research and Resources

  • 8 ways to create great placesOur Approach to Making Great Urban Places
    A printable card deck which details the eight essential "to do's" in designing and building urban spaces. Downloadread more article
  • Urban Parking in Practice ReportUrban Parking in Practice.
    The Lander Group explores the five factors of urban parking design and examples of practical execution. Read moreread more article
  • Urban Parking in Practice ReportA Win-Win For Everyone.
    How does planning for all transportation options benefit cities? This convincing case study diagrams how Transit Oriented Development works by the numbers. Current typical scenarious of a village, town, and city are compared. Read moreread more article
  • ULI Report Saint Petersburg FloridaULI Advisory Services Panel Report for St. Petersburg, Florida
    (download PDF read more article)
  • ULI ReportULI Advisory Services Panel Report for Warm Springs / South Fremont Station, California (download PDF read more article)

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