Leasing Availability

ZEO - 32nd and Hennepin

Zeo Apartments and RetailZeo is an exciting new commercial space opportunity in the Uptown area supporting a wide range of potential businesses.

Designed to last generations, the new brick and cement facade building will sit on the northeast corner of 32nd Street and Hennepin Avenue. In an area well known for its high foot, bicycle, and car traffic, large windows directly opening onto the sidewalks welcome customers inside.



Spaces Overview - for Retail, Restaurant, and Office

  • 4,594 sq. ft. street level commercial space in four separate store fronts
  • Commercial spaces between 982 - 1,330 sq. ft. available
  • 2,247 sq. ft. second level office space in two separate dimensions
  • 19 apartments and 5 luxury penthouse rentals
  • First floor spaces are base shell build out, second floor office spaces are move-in ready with basic finished interiors.



For more information on commercial space opportunities, please submit through our contact form.


  • Bay 1 - 1,280 sq.ft. - LEASED
  • Bay 2 - 982 sq.ft. - LEASED
  • Bay 3 - 1,002 sq.ft - LEASED
  • Bay 4 - 1,330 sq.ft. - LEASED
  • OFFICE A - 966 sq.ft. - LEASED
  • OFFICE B - 1281 sq.ft. - AVAILABLE