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Designing Community

Michael Lander started Lander Group, Inc in 1984 before people were talking seriously about reviving city cores, or urban planning, or renovating lofts. He understood that exciting architecture and good planning can help build great urban neighborhoods. Now that people are talking about lofts and looking seriously at urban potential, the mission of Lander Group still remains that of building great neighborhoods. It is no accident, however that the mission byproducts are some of the most innovative and exciting homes you will ever see.

Foundations of Success

Experience. Building inside a city is not as simple as some builders would try to make it. The simple act of breaking ground is a conclusion to sometimes years of planning and preparation. Lander Group has laid the foundations to many development projects, and stayed around long after home owners have moved in (our offices are right next to two of our award-winning condominium projects, and many of our employees actually live in our developments).

Quality. Ideas are nothing without durability. Be it new construction or renovation, Lander Group builds for the next generation. This means putting time and money into a lot of things you can't see, and putting that finishing touch on the things you can. High quality windows, solid doors, and some of the most efficient use of space possible are just a few of the standards of Lander Group.

Design. There is something to be said for the Lander Group aesthetic. Actually, Lander design is meant to be seen, not read about. Learn how to recognize our tools of the trade with this quick primer.


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