About Us

Making Great Places

Lander Group has been dedicated to making great places for over 35 years.

We have designed, developed, and sold over 1,000 units totaling over $250 million of residential and mixed-use infill projects in traditional neighborhoods.

We create livable, thriving places for people through integrated implementation that connects community values to development projects, demonstrates good design, and leads by example. We’ve delivered new construction and substantial renovations or adaptive reuse, specializing in pedestrian-oriented, multi-building projects at both town and city scale. We have a strong local track record and a host of local, regional and national awards recognizing our work.

Our role covers multiple disciplines depending on project needs, ranging from town planner and building designer to property developer and investor.

Lander Group Interdisciplinary approach- development services, market knowledge, vision keeper, community design, implementation


Our values underpin everything we do:

Connecting the community: We have an interdisciplinary perspective. We see the built environment as an interconnected system and value the space between the buildings. 

Championing new ideas: We support big ideas and find creative ways to realize them by challenging convention with powerful ways of thinking. We seek new opinions and broad input across public and private sectors to create the best outcomes. And we are not afraid to lead.

Designing places for all people: We express the values of the community, seeking beauty, context AND social equity. We obsess over the small details and the big picture. 

Demanding excellence: We have high expectations of ourselves and others, and actively stand up for what we believe in. We bring a wealth of expertise and experience and we share it, guiding public and private partners to deliver their best work.